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First Aid Safety - Learn From a Hiker's Tragedy

Today is National Take a Chance Day, however I would like to title this message as National (DO NOT) Take a Chance Day in regards to getting out in nature for a beautiful spring hike.

This is a very important subject to me because the pastor who performed our marriage ceremony, Mike Turner, became lost in the woods during a hike in 1998 after taking an alternate route. His legs became trapped from a loose boulder. He suffered for 9 days before he died.

Of course I'm not saying do not "take a hike." Just be smart about it. According to Elyse Wanshel, writer at, over 2000 hikers get lost in the woods every year. Here are a few of her tips that for being safe and being found:

1. Let someone know where you're going (and don't stray off course when you get there).

2. Notice your surroundings and distinct visuals as you hike, such as mountain tops.

3. Carry essential tools and supplies with you, such as water, food, a knife, waterproof matches, and a flashlight.

4. Try to remain calm when you realize you are lost

5. Find a water source

6. Make a shelter if it's too dark to hike out

7. Build a fire so rescuers can see the smoke

I hope you take care when leaving for your spring or summer hike and come home safely. You can read more about Mike's story at:

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