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CPR Manikin, Mani wants you to try something new!

Did you know that today is National Old Stuff Day? What exactly does that mean? Mani didn't know either and after some research, learned that it means to let go of the old stuff and try something new.

Things are constantly changing in our lives - some changes happen naturally and unexpectedly, and some occur due to things such as science and research.

Take CPR for example - does anyone remember learning CPR in the old days? There were so many steps to remember that it was nearly impossible to know how to perform it just a week later. Well luckily in with the new - research has made CPR so much easier now to learn and remember.

The same goes for controlling external bleeding. Not long ago, there were a number of steps you had to try first to stop someone from bleeding to death, all the while avoiding the application of a tourniquet until the very last minute of them circling the drain. Now, you move on to placing a tourniquet much sooner than you would before and saving more lives. Bleeding control classes teach you how.

Although Mani would love to try something new such as playing the piano, and give up some of his old stuff, like watching reruns of ER - he realizes that without arms and legs he will never be able to play. However he encourages you to honor National Old Stuff Day and challenges you to let go of some of your old stuff and try something new.

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