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Situational Awareness/Personal Safety


This is our flag ship training class which is designed to help you develop a survivors mind set and confidence in an ever more dangerous world.


It is designed for all adults wanting to feel safer, confident, and empowered with an emphasis on women’s safety.


Through instruction and videos the class is approximately 2-3 hours based on input, questions, and class participation. 

Our goal is to educate and prepare you to be able to live a life of freedom, with less anxiety about your safety. You will be taught information and skills to navigate violent situations if they arrive and how to listen to the messengers of your intuition, enabling you to recognize danger before it happens.


The strength of the class come from real life experience from our instructor’s own careers, training, research, and passion for helping others.

Class Content
  • Situational Awareness

  • Intuition and It's Messengers

  • How to Identify Dangerous Situations

  • Pre-Incident Indicators

  • Tactics and Strategies that Criminals Use

  • Stalkers

  • Kidnappings

  • How to De-Escalate, Escape, Hide, Fortify, and Fight to Survive and Attack

  • Safety Tips

  • Weapons

  • Self Protection vs Self Defense

Real Estate Safety Course 

3 hours of Continuing Education Certified by Idaho Real Estate Commission

We have enhanced the situational awareness / personal safety class and developed a course which builds on proven safety strategies designed to protect real estate agents. The course is agent specific with an emphasis on safely conducting client business without compromising productivity. As it is sometimes unavoidable, agents might need to work alone and meet potential clients in open houses and other locations. We will prepare you to have the skills, knowledge, and proper survivors mindset to safely and successfully interact with clients.  Includes live lecture,  videos, and class participation.

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